Eventually it's all about data


I’m a software engineer primarily focused on working with data.
I started my career working with SQL Server database then switched to Oracle however participated in some projects using Microsoft products including not only database but Analysis/Reporting/Integration services.
Last time I got more and more involved in working with NoSQL and Big Data technologies and different tools and languages for data analysis, data mining and machine learning.

Since SQL and MDX are the most common languages to query data I titled my blog sqlmdx.
Posts in blog cover wide range of practical topics from architecture and performance tuning to some tricks and bugs.

If you want to get in touch – drop me a comment and I’ll contact you.

Alex R

PS. Of course MDX is much more specific and rare language in compare to SQL but SQL also became not the only way to get data especially in the Big Data world.
Anyway I added MDX since wordpress site name must be at least 4 characters. 🙂

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